Uses of Vermont Liquid Sunshine All-purpose Concentrate

Household cleaning

Floors: Add 3oz of Liquid Sunshine to a pail of water. Mop as usual and allow to dry.

Laundry: Use about 1/3 cup per load. Liquid Sunshine may be neutralized by detergent residues in the machine so use enough to get the barest start of foam on top. You may have to use a little extra the first time. Always mix into warm water before adding the clothes. Softens clothes with natural aloe! Also has a mild whitening effect. Great for silks and fine fabrics, wool and suede (may darken).

Stain Removal: Wet surface and apply full strength. Work into the material from several directions and let sit for a moment. Rinse and dry.

Woodwork, Floors and Walls: Dilute 1/4 cup of soap per 1 gallon of hot water. Clean, rinse and let dry.

Bathrooms: Use full strength with sponge and rinse. For all porcelain and tile surfaces.

General Cleaning (Stovetop, refrigerator, etc.)Wet surface. Scrub with sponge saturated in Liquid Sunshine. Rinse and dry. For ALL water safe surfaces.

Carpets: Replaces detergent concentrates. Works well in all carpet cleaning machines and on stains.

Vehicles: Saturate sponge with Liquid Sunshine. Work over vehicle in sections, wetting first, applying Liquid Sunshine and then rinsing. Always wash vehicles out of direct sunlight.


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