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What is The Bare Essentials?

The Bare Essentials is an online grocer that aims to help individuals reduce the use of single-use plastics by making available foodstuff without packaging. All your purchases come in reusable bags / containers which you return at the next delivery.


Why do you sell both organic and non-organic products? Aren’t organic products better for the environment?

Yes, organic products are better for the environment and your health! However, we understand that majority of people living in Singapore are mostly consuming non-organic food. Since our objective is to enable more people to embark on a waste-reducing lifestyle, it is important that we sell products that cater to the needs of the vast majority.


How do I get started?

Do I need to set up an account before placing an order?

Yes, you may set up an account and select a starter kit that best suits your lifestyle, and you’ll be on your way to making your first online package-free grocery order!

For those who are unsure about setting up an account but would like to try out our service, you can still place an order. Do note that your groceries will be delivered in paper bags instead of the reusable bags and containers in our starter kits.


What is the difference between the various starter kits?

We have 3 starter kits to cater to different buying habits.

Starter kit / Entitlement

Bare A Little

Bare A Little More

Bare It All

Reusable bags




Reusable containers





How do I decide which starter kit to get?

As a guide, ready-to-eat products and products that do not require washing prior to cooking will be in containers to ensure they are kept hygienic. Examples are nuts, seeds, dried fruit, flour, oats, etc. If you intend to purchase more of such products, do choose a starter kit which comes with more containers.

Bear in mind that the number of containers will be used between 2 orders since they will only be returned at the next delivery.


Starter kit: Bare A Little

Entitled to 4 containers




Balance for next order

Order 1




Order 2




Order 3





Reusable containers / bags

How do I return the reusable containers / bags that came with my order?

You can return them to the delivery man when you receive your next order. Simply place them back into the carton box that your groceries arrived in at the previous order and pass it to the delivery man.


What happens if I’ve used up all the reusable containers / bags in my previous purchase?

You can purchase another starter kit or contact us to arrange to return the reusable containers and bags for your next purchase. Otherwise, items purchased will be delivered in brown paper bags.


Do I need to wash the reusable containers / bags?

You can rinse the containers / bags if they are visibly dirty, especially if they have been used to contain sweet or sticky products. They will be washed thoroughly once they are sent back to The Bare Essentials before being reused.


Will my containers / bags be used by others?

Each container / bag will be coded with your unique customer number, hence you will have your own set of containers and bags.


I love the containers / bags! Can I keep them for personal use?

You may do so; however, each starter kit has a fixed number of containers / bags. If you keep them, that means you will have fewer to use for your future orders. A suggestion is to purchase them from our website for your personal use.


Why are some products in bags, while others in containers?

Ready-to-eat products and products that do not require washing prior to cooking will be in containers to ensure they are kept hygienic. These include nuts, dried fruit, flour and oats. Products like rice, short pasta, legumes and Asian dried ingredients will be delivered in bags.


Can I keep the food in the containers and bags that they come in?

It is advisable that you transfer the food items into airtight containers to maintain freshness, especially food items that have been delivered in reusable bags / paper bags.



Why does my order come in a recycled carton box?

We partner with stores that see countless of carton boxes go through their doors on a daily basis. These carton boxes are clean and in perfect conditions to be reused. Instead of being thrown out, we collect them and create a circular economy by giving these boxes a new lease of life. You can also pass us your clean carton boxes to be reused.


I cannot imagine where these recycled boxes have been to previously. Can my order be delivered in brand new boxes?

Yes, you can indicate your preference upon check-out.


I have no use for the carton box. Can I return it?

Yes, please return the box, together with the containers and bags, to the delivery man at the next delivery. 

All clean cushioning material that were used in the carton box can also be returned to be reused. 

Containers, bags and cushioning are to be placed in the box before returning to the delivery man. 


Delivery and Shipping Fees

When will my order be delivered?

Your order will be processed the next business day after the date on which payment has been made. 

You can choose any delivery date 2 days from the date of placing the order. Deliveries are made on Tuesdays - Saturdays between 3-9pm. You can select a specific delivery slot - 3pm-6pm or 6pm-10pm for an additional charge.


How much do I have to pay for delivery?

Delivery is free for purchases of S$30 and above. A S$8 shipping fee is payable for purchases below S$30.


Do you ship out of Singapore?

We currently do not ship out of Singapore.


Are there any restricted areas that you do not deliver to?

Yes, we can only deliver to places that are open to public deliveries. Generally, we do not deliver to airports, PSA Terminal, Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints, army camps, shipyards and off-shore islands (including Sentosa).


Do you deliver on weekends and public holidays?

Deliveries are from Tuesdays to Saturdays. There will be no deliveries on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays.


Exchanges, Returns and Refunds

Can I return a product?

Unpackaged food products cannot be returned for hygiene purposes. If you have any feedback on product quality, please drop us an email (hello@bareessentials.com.sg) within 2 days of receiving your order so we can look into it. Do include details of feedback and photos (if possible). 







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