About us

How it all began

Fuelled by social media posts on the environmental impact caused by our lifestyles, I started researching on waste reduction in daily life but found so few alternatives in Singapore. This was back in 2017. 

What I realized was that it is not difficult at all to start on my personal journey to reducing waste. It begins with an awareness and all it takes are baby steps to make some impact and if everyone embarks on the same journey, the impact can be significant! That was how The Bare Essentials was conceived.

After months of research, prayers and a huge leap of faith, a homegrown package-free online grocer is birthed. The Bare Essentials focuses on providing solutions to enable individuals to go about their daily lives reducing the amount of waste produced. 

You may 

  • have a small household or only cook occasionally and find yourself unable to finish retail packs of food before they expire
  • have a large household and are looking for ways to cut down packaging waste
  • love experimenting with new recipes and need just that amount of new ingredients
  • want some zero waste essentials to help cut down your reliance on single-use plastics
  • be accustomed to buying groceries online

No matter who you are or where you are on the zero waste journey, you will find your daily essentials right here, in just the quantity you need, without the additional packaging. 

We work directly with suppliers and manufacturers to bring in good quality products in bulk and we work hard to ensure these products come in responsible packaging or as little packaging as we can possibly manage. 

The Bare Essentials hopes to bring back the REUSE culture by introducing the "milkman service" for groceries. Have your groceries delivered to you in reusable containers and bags. Return them at the next delivery to be used for your subsequent order. Imagine the amount of packaging you can avoid by doing this.

We are no environmentalists but through reducing food and packaging waste, our mission is to cultivate a community that lives mindfully. Together, we can make a concerted effort to take only the bare essentials from planet earth. 

Read more about our story here: https://saltandlight.sg/work/the-bare-essentials-is-our-business-helping-people/


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